DamExchange Protocol

The DamExchange protocol enables two Draughts computer programs to play one or more Draughts games against each other. One of the two programs has the role of Initiator and the other one the role of Follower. The Initiator determines how many games it likes to play with the Follower. For each game the Initiator determines who plays white, which starting position is used, which color is to move first and the duration of the game.

DamExchange is a peer-to-peer protocol and therefore there is no need for a server program.

DamExchange consists of two layers: layer 1 provides the transport of messages and layer 2 specifies the layout of the messages.

DamExchange design overview

Layer 1 protocol description

Layer 2 protocol description

dxp.dll for Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / 11